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Contains: 01. Boyzone Landing (Intro) 02. Picture Of You 03. One Kiss At A Time 04. Isn't It A Wonder 05. All That I Need 06. And I 07. Words 08. Father & Son 09. Love Me For A Reason 10. Bright Eyes 11. I Want You Back 12. Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough) 13. Billie Jean 14. Bad 15. The Way You Make Me Feel 16. Black Or White 17. When You Say Nothing At All 18. Call On Me 19. When The Going Gets Tough 20. Baby Can I Hold You 21. You Needed Me 22. I Love The Way You Love Me 23. I Can't Stop Thinking 24. Life Is A Rollercoaster 25. Ole... 26. Beat Boy (Bodhran Solo) 27. A Different Beat 28. No Matter What 29. Melting Pot

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