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How DID glasses catch a killer? What have spectacle lenses got to do with eugenics? Why would you let someone put animal dung in your eye? Whether through solving murders, advancing technology, improving sports performance or pondering deep philosophical mysteries, the science of optics and vision has touched almost every aspect of our lives. 'How Glasses Caught A Killer' is a collection of short essays, based on a series of articles written for 'Optician' magazine, that takes a look at the surprising stories behind some of the people and their discoveries which have shaped our world that are connected in some way - sometimes bizarrely - with optics. Meet the short-sighted racing driver who nearly changed the course of WWII, the physician who invented a meat sauce and the female anatomist who outshone her male contemporaries.Find out how sunglasses were invented by accident, how the Hubble space telescope was fixed and how frozen chickens helped develop your mobile phone screen. There is something of interest for every taste, whether scientifically-minded or not, in this fascinating volume.

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