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Rose, a friend for a very short time, had died as a result of cancer. No mystery there, but shortly afterwards Rose's only son, just 12 years old is killed in a terrible auto accident. Even before his death, there was talk of a 'spirit or ghost' appearing in Rose's house. Maree had failed in her efforts to contact this 'ghost' because family members were in denial. She put the file away and tried to forget it. After a call from another friend, she decided it was time to investigate again.Maree Price is not your regular physic in the general sense. Maree goes about her mystery solving much like 'Miss Marple' solves cases in Agatha Christie novels. She likes to remain in the background and contact these 'spirits' in her own unique way. She says then they 'just come to her and solve the mystery', she is only the human vessel. A wonderful paranormal mystery with character.

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