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The first three chapters of this book contain testimonies from various Christians on the benefits of early morning rising for prayer and Bible study. The remaining chapters reveal the emphasis given to prayer in the lives of ministers and preachers from differing denominational backgrounds and nationalities.-George Fox, Joseph Alleine, Charles Simeon, John Wesley, John Fletcher, Harold St. John, G. H. Lang, Anthony Norris Groves, John Knox, Samuel Rutherford, John Livingstone, Robert Murray McCheyne, Rees Howells, Monod, Jonathan Edwards, A. B. Simpson. George Watson, E. M. Bounds, Gerhard Tersteegen, John Gossner, Tholuck & Bengel. When the glory of the Father Is the goal of every prayer- When before the Throne in Heaven Our High Priest presents it there- When the Spirit prompts the asking, When the waiting heart Believes- Then we know of each petition Everyone who asks receives.-Selected

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