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A delightful period piece of Paris in the late 1880's, We'll to the Woods No More (Les lauriers sont coupes) retains its importance as the first use of the monologue interieur and the inspiration for the stream-of-conscious-ness technique perfected by James Joyce. Dujardin's charming tale, told with insight and irony, recounts what goes on in the mind of a young man-about-town in love with a Parisian actress. Mallarme described the poetry of the telling as "the instant seized by the throat." Originally published in France in 1887, the first English translation (by Joyce scholar Stuart Gilbert) was published by New Directions in 1938. In 1957 Leon Edel's perceptive historical essay reintroduced the book as "the rare and beautiful case of a minor work which launched a major movement." With this publication as a New Directions paper book, a new generation of readers can enjoy one of the milestones of modern literature.
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