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The O. Henry Short Story Collection - Volume I - Including The Gift Of The Magi and The Ransom Of Red Chief: The Last Of The Troubadours - The Sleuths - Witches' Loaves - The Pride Of The Cities - Holding Up A Train - Ulysses And The Dogman - The Champion Of The Weather - Makes The Whole World Kin - At Arms With Morpheus - A Ghost Of A Chance - Jimmy Hayes And Muriel - The Door Of Unrest - The Duplicity Of Hargraves - Let Me Feel Your Pulse - October And June - The Church With An Overshot-Wheel - New York By Camp Fire Light - The Adventures Of Shamrock Jolnes - The Lady Higher Up - The Greater Coney - Law And Order - Transformation Of Martin Burney - The Caliph And The Cad - The Diamond Of Kali - The Day We Celebrate -

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