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Ian Paice is without a doubt one of the world's most premier rock drummers. His reputation was established in Deep Purple, and it was during their last world tour that - in response to many requests - he came up with plans for this DVD to enable people to study his playing style and technique in detail, allowing fans and aspiring drummers to witness his technique up close, watch as he demonstrates riffs and answers questions. The end result is a unique DVD, 2 hours of specially filmed material including on and off stage footage, interviews, live and studio work. The DVD is divided into different sections for ease of use: IAN PAICE'S DRUMMERS GUIDElan Paice guides you through the manufacture of a complete drum kit, cymbals, skins, sticks and all. lan demonstrates the set-up of his kit, we hear from his drum roadie, there are clips of lan in action with Deep Purple, and a tutorial from lan with tips for new players. ABBEY ROAD SESSION Two specially written tracks filmed at London's famous Abbey Road Studios in 2001. "Paicesetter" and "Dustbins" are designed to showcase all aspects of Ian Paice's drumming style with a choice of camera angles. ROADIE'S EYE VIEWA close-up camera mounted near Ian Paice's kit gives a unique view of the man in action during Deep Purple's 2001 American tour, including Ted The Mechanic / Lazy / Knocking At Your Back Door / Highway Star and more.. DRUM CLINIC / INTERVIEW Filmed in Australia during Deep Purple's visit in 2001. RETRO MIXA montage of image...
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